Regret is forever

Regret is forever

I heard a motivation speaker advising to  overcome and fight our fears. The speech inspired and thrilled me. But until now I had not understood the true meaning of this statement. Although these words stuck with me “Fear is temporary and Regret is forever. What will you do today to overcome your fear than to regret forever”.

I am a person who is full of fear and doubts. I am filled with hesitation in new environments and my own inhibitions. How i deal with new and difficult situation is: “if it is avoidable…just avoid it”. I keep such actions in the back of my mind procrastinating.  I get in the comfort zone quickly and start catching up with my fears. But this habit of mine has costed me quiet and bit. I ignore what sacres me,  get in my comfort zone and start feeling everything around just works fine. But that is not the most appropriate approach,  atleast its not working out for me. Eventually such glithes, do show up and has its implication on me, my work, my life in general. Therefore, right way is to do what is necessary even though it might be something which makes me fearful and bring me out of my comfort zone.

I am just done with this cycle of having thoughts, opinions, ideas and then letting them go just because I was fearful that it would not workout. Thereafter, see others around soaring high with flying colors just beacuse they did what I neglected. This hesitation has costed me a bit and now I feel before it becomes a matter of regret , I need to learn and change.

The lesson learnt is:- the moment I recognize myself in the cycle “being excited about something, having ideas and thoughts but slowly see myself doubting it. I need to check myself. And not lead any kind of fear overrule my mind opinion and actions.  The moment some action makes me fearful, the fear needs to be controlled and dealt with”

My strategy is to place everything I fear and is importnat doing on priority of my to do list. Face my fear right away and just do the things I intend to. Not let fear rule.

The action required is to recognize the fear, break the pattern, take charge and do what I believe is the right thing to do. The days of fear are over. Practicing to burn the fear off is the action. It’s a way of life which I need to adopt.

Path ahead is tough but who said its going to be easy.