Metta:- Looking at self with loving kindness ( A tool for inclusion and belonging)

Metta:- Looking at self with loving kindness ( A tool for inclusion and belonging)

A concept from Indian culture that is a great tool to create inclusion and belonging for self. It’s a tool that helps us learn to practice compassion. Metta means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, active interest in others

In this practice, we have to sit in awareness of our body in true love. We need to practise looking at ourselves with loving-kindness which is called Metta. Metta can be capable of both joy and sorrow. But it is nothing to do with comparison, measuring or judgement. This practice leaves behind what is right and wrong, good and bad, what can be and what can not be.

It just encourages us to deeply connect in our body with our feelings. Ask a hard question ith ourselves How do I feel for myself? It teaches us to look at our suffering from the perspective of Mudita and Karuna. Mudita is a Sanskrit word that means joy, a vicarious joy, or the delight that comes from witnessing other people’s well being. While Karuna means compassion, kindness, self-compassion and spiritual belonging.

We can sit in Meeta Bhawan where we bring ourselves gradually in following realms of thought and meditate

  1. Meeta view for oursleves
  2. Meeta towards a friend
  3. Meeta towards a neutral person( Mudita/ karuna)
  4. Meeta towards an enemy

This practice is ancient in the Indic religions and has a huge impact on how we view ourselves, our fellows all people around us and how we deal with our fellow beings. It is a widening circle of love that grows and grows.