We contribute to the world of tomorrow an inclusive sustainable world.

About Us

We live in an uncertain and disruptive world, pressed by complex technological, and social challenges. Organisations need to rapidly innovate, change and be agile, and produce instant solutions and radical changes to remain in business and sustain in long run. Only organisations which create value for their diverse employees will accomplish this. Our research and work in the field have shown us that future calls for creativity, courage, and compassion as skills from individuals, teams, and organisations to not just survive but thrive. Organisations need their people’s true potential and their skills in problem-solving, innovation, collaboration, and effectiveness. To create this culture, organisations need to offer a safe, judgement-free, creative, and courageous work environment and a culture of Belonging where employees feel valuable and caring. Grow curiosity helps you empower and inspire individuals in your organisation to untap their creative potential, have the courage to lead, and practice compassion. We help teams and organisations to nudge their culture to be inclusive, celebrate diversity and cultivate belonging. We use diverse tools in all our services by combining scientific skill-building methods, learnings from various cultures and knowledge from ancient wisdom cultures. We also use immersive experiential learnings, technology and art as means to melt the differences and create a flowing, interactive, dialogue-based learning process. Which will have both long-term and short-term impacts on three levels individual, team and organisation.

Our Vision

Building the world of tomorrow. A sustainable inclusive world where diversity is celebrated, each individual is empowered and we truly belong.

Our Mission

We believe in empowering and inspiring everyone to untap their creative potential, have the courage to lead, and practice compassion. A world where diversity is celebrated, and we truly belong.

The Goal

The aim is to empower over a million people through our work by 2030. Work with over 100 companies in the next 5 years globally to build inclusion and belonging. Contribute actively toward creating social impact and Intentional change. Make belonging a global conversation. Build a knowledge pool from the wisdom of various cultures on Diversity, Inclusion and belonging.

Our Story

Grow Curiosity was founded first with a mission to help individuals to empower their creative confidence and empower them to uncover their true potential. The reason behind this mission was that Aditi herself struggled deeply while working in corporate environments. Whenever she tried to bring suggested a creative approach, she was shut down and even asked not to use her brain. When Aditi was working on developing training programs around 21st-century skills, she was thrilled to find out how for the first time in the Netherlands that creativity and innovation were being demanded as the need of the hour. From here, Aditi learnt and went deep into the design thinking approach and started using it as means to empower people to unravel false notions about creativity and help them use this tool to be creative and innovative in their work.

But as Aditi was diving deep into her journey with researching, applying and unravelling design thinking, creative confidence and 21st-century skills, she started to go deeper into understanding and solving complex problems of current times; she realized that creative confidence is not enough, and one needs to learn how to be creative and collaborate, as we need to work together with multiple stakeholders to solve problems and not alone. From here, her work shifted towards building trust, communication and creative collaboration in individuals and teams.

On this journey, new obstacles began to arise in areas where collaboration has much deeper complexity and meaning. Having struggled with dyslexia as a child and having different dreams as a growing young girl in India, working in various teams and being diverse on grounds of gender, race, religion and age, Aditi has often faced the sword of not being included and not feeling that she belonged. This environment kills an individual's drive to perform in a given environment. At the same time, we all have our perceptions, attitude, behaviours and habits that appear in the way of how we act in a team and lead to further malfunctions in a team. These complex questions lead Aditi to develop this framework and Saruta methodology, which is the result of her research, experiences with organisations, her work with diverse communities and people globally and, of course, her rich multicultural background.

Building Bridges between Ancient Cultural Heritage and Scientific Approach

We have a unique approach in which we use learning from India’s ancient, long-lasting community culture and principles of wholehearted living and combine it with principles of design thinking and personal leadership to help you learn and build these skills and to practice them with confidence to build true belonging, inclusiveness and creativity across diverse approaches and perspectives.

Our Insipiration

Drawing Inspiration from Indian Philosophy

Ahum Brahmasmi

Is an Indian concept which means that we as humans have the power of the entire universe flowing through us with limitless creative potential. Everyone has immense potential to create a positive impact and be an agent of change. If we wish to create a sustainable world, the change starts within OURSELVES. We must learn to tap into our creative potential to solve challenges and learn to listen to our inner voice. We need to become fearless to express ourselves and our power to change the world.

Vasudev Kutumbhakam

Means ‘The world is my family.’ We are all connected and belong to each being on this planet. We consider each one as a part of a whole. Each is equally important, valued, complete and relevant. None can exist without the other, and we are much more interconnected. We must see all living beings and the resources that this planet has to offer. To build a sustainable future, we all need to create an inclusive environment in our homes, educational institutions, communities and organisations.

Our Founder

Founded by Aditi Gupta in 2019, our organisation is dedicated to cultivating inclusion and belonging globally. Aditi is an Indian living in the Netherlands and has around 12 years’ experience of collaborating with various global companies across several industries and educational institutions (including those in India, Africa, Latin America and Europe) on intercultural competence, leadership and personal transformations.

Aditi started her career after finishing her MBA in 2010 as a business development executive and within a year grew as a corporate trainer. Since then, she has advised various organisations to build international business strategies and develop communication strategies. She is also a facilitator of the design thinking process, which helps businesses innovate, create new values and approach complex problems with a human-centered approach. She is a coach and a trainer of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Intercultural Readiness and Creative Leadership.

As an educationist, she helps design and innovate business programs to incorporate the latest business trends and build 21st-century skills-based business education programs. Over the last six years, Aditi has researched extensively, created educational programs and led the execution of various projects on multiple levels incorporating 21st-century skills in the international business arena. This work has led Aditi to drive change and mobilize business and education towards sustainable development goals and create a positive impact. Aditi’s research has proven that the driver of sustainable development is based on strong foundations of creativity, courage and compassion on the individual, community and institutional levels. She believes that international organisations need to adopt diverse perspectives and views in order to cultivate inclusive, sustainable practices.

Aditi is also an artist who uses research, knowledge, insights, thoughts and feeling to create abstract art on the theme of inclusion and belonging. She uses art as means to break the ice, uncover stories, break the boundaries and create experiential learning. She has developed the Saruta method, which embodies the essence of “Belonging to that which is heard.” During Saruta’s process, she uses a deep connection with space, nature, mystery and magic to go through the process of transformation of the individual and teams.

Having been raised in Indian culture – studying various cultural anthropological research and diving into ancient wisdom cultures – Aditi has realized that there is a huge gap between what organisations are doing and the knowledge that ancient wisdom cultures can offer. Learning from the wisdom culture can significantly help organisations to learn and develop sustainable and inclusive business cultures and practices.

She has contributed to uplifting and empowering various marginal groups like the visually impaired, women, expats, refugees and the LGBTQ+ community. Combining her expertise in business and education, Aditi today helps strategize, train and coach individuals, teams and organisations to cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging. Through her work, she has impacted more than 1000 individuals.

Our Commitment

As an organisation, we are solely dedicated to contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (2030), and we exist to create a positive impact in this world and help build an inclusive sustainable future for all of us.