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Helps companies empower, retain, grow & collaborate for diversity, inclusion & building a sense of belonging
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You might be putting energy and resources into hiring and attracting people with diverse backgrounds and talents to your organisation, struggle with how to retain those talents. We collaborate with you in our programs to better manage retention.


You can spend a large amount of money to foster psychological safety, culture, and team programs. But you need to empower people to be their creative selves, build their confidence and inspire
them to bring their true potential out. Ask us to know about our Empowerment and Creative Confidence

Cultivate co-creation, collaboration, and inclusive workspaces

How do you collaborate with a team of
people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, values and competencies? How do you learn to be open and inclusive? How do you work with conflicts progressively and optimistically? Our workshops and training programs will help you facilitate that.

Building compassion and solidarity in your team

Teams that facilitate vulnerability, acceptance and trust –
that are not afraid to hold space and dwell in dialogue and constructive feedback – are teams that thrive. Through our seamlessly crafted programs, we help teams foster compassion and empathy. These lead to building trust and solidarity in the team.

Nudge its culture and create a sense of belonging

While diversity is representation, inclusion ensures equal
opportunities for all within the organisation. Belonging is more the feeling of being at home – a place where one feels safe and accepted, where one can bring their complete self to work. This is an accumulated feeling that your people have while working day in and day out. People want to feel that their colleagues and leaders care about their needs and that their talents matter. To create this feeling, you need to your culture to foster
creativity, courage, and compassion.

Why Belonging?

We are living in a world where technology, social changes and workplaces are automatically becoming more diverse with the interconnected world. On top of this, we live in a highly disruptive, unpredictable and uncertain world where every industry is hard-pressed by complex challenges and problems. We need diverse talents and their best potential to join forces with us and give their absolute best to solve these problems creatively, innovate novel solutions and overcome disruptive challenges in a fast-paced manner. Given the reality of today’s markets, only companies that create the best value for their diverse talents will thrive in the future.

How do we do it?

Our Framework

Our framework consists of three pillars – Creativity, Courage and Compassion – and each pillar influences at three diverse levels within an organisation: Individual, Team and Organisation. We impact about 23 skills through our framework which builds strong foundations in the organisation's inner development.. The framework is based on extensive research and consultation done with international organisations, teams, and individuals working in these organisations as well as proven tools of skill building and concept. Further, the research is based on two important frameworks, which are crucial for future 21st-century skills and inner development goals.













Our Approach

Our Methodology

Our methodology is a 7-step process called Saruta (meaning “belonging to that which is heard”) developed by Aditi Gupta. She has performed and used this 7-step process across various teams and groups. This process is developed based on her work and extensive research on 21st-century skills and sustainable development goals in collaboration with various research institutes, universities and international organisations. During this journey, Aditi has collaborated with people and communities of diverse talents, values and beliefs to empower them, build their creative confidence and work on their transformation.

Who are we?

“If you are ready to empower your people and create a great workplace, then we are here for you”

At Grow Curiosity, we believe that companies, organisations and institutions need to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging to retain talent and solve complex problems. We believe that the way to do this is to empower each individual and team within the organisation and untap their creative potential. Our goal is to foster an environment of courage, vulnerability-based trust, empathy and compassion – a place where everyone can thrive and reach their true potential. Furthermore, we aim to help and create individuals, teams and organisations with optimism and perseverance towards bringing positive change and adopting openness to a sustainable, inclusive future. We do this through uniquely designed approaches, which combine various multicultural practices, ancient wisdom and scientific techniques. We work with three pillars of Creativity, Courage and Compassion, and we work at the individual, team and organisational level.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi is the founder, educationist, storyteller and changemaker.

"My dream is to empower and inspire every individual to untap their creative potential, dare to be vulnerable, and be truly compassionate towards one another. My dream is to create a world where diversity is celebrated and we all BELONG."

What others say

Aditi gives engaging workshops and makes sure it is a safe space to share your own experiences. I would recommend!

Mila koster

Aditi is a very good trainer. She is able to get to the core of both students and co workers with simple training exercises. In her work she focusses on inclusion and belonging. One of her great values is that she always wants every member to be a valued member of the group no matter what nationality, culture, sexual background or age or what ever aspect sets us apart from the some kind of generally accepted norm. Her main driving question is What can we do together to make everybody feel part of this family ? Her Indian background and philosophy combined with innovative thinking, creativity and training skills helped both students and colleagues in thinking and developping a more inclusive team culture.

Sander Jansen

Aditi is a very motivating and inspiring business professional. I have worked together with Aditi on various occasions during networking cooperation's. Last year Aditi gave a guest lectures to a group of International Sales & Marketing professionals about design thinking. Her lecture was fantastic. It was informative, interactive and extremely creative how she motivated the whole group whilst educating them on a topic which was completely new to them. I have always experienced Aditi as reliable, innovative, extremely smart and very goal driven. Thank you for the positive cooperation Aditi and look forward to hopefully working together again in the future.

Darcie Hudson, Go ahead Hire

The Insipiration

Ahum Brahmasmi

is an Indian concept which means that we as humans have the power of the entire universe flowing through us with limitless creative potentiality. Everyone has immense potential to create positive impact and be agents of change. If we wish to create a sustainable world, the change starts within OURSELVES. We need to learn to tap in our creative potential to solve challenges and learn to listen to our inner voice. We need to become fearless to express ourselves and our power to change the world.

Vasudev kutumbhkkam

means ‘The world is my family’. We are all connected and belong to each being on this planet. We consider each one as a part of a whole. Each equally important, valued, complete and relevant. None can exist without other. We need to see all living beings and the resources that this planet has to offer. To build a sustainable future we all need to create an inclusive environment in our homes, educational institutions, communities, and organizations.


Drawing Inspiration from Indian Philosophy

Master Classes

Training & Workshops

Building Strategy For D & I

7 Step Process

Empower individuals to cultivate belonging for self

by tapping into their creative potentiality and space within and outside.


Untold stories and the unseen parts of the team.


Collect commonalties, symbols, and signs that represent belonging


our values and meanings


Rituals, shared values and practices


Come together as people, bring your voice, stories, symbols, feeling and body


The imagines a state of belonging and experience you would like to experience in your environment.

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