Heritage of Being an Indian

Heritage of Being an Indian

I was born in a Hindu family and was brought learning minute details of Ramayana and Mahabharta and other scriptures which are believed to be the oldest in the world. As my grandmother and father would tells us stories and prays every evening. We were imbibed in the religious roots of our family.


However,  In the morning I would recite a  Christian prayer as I studied in a missionary convent school, I would start my day With reciting “our father in heaven holy be your name……” In many story telling lessons I would hear stories Christ and Christianity. We would visit the school church and if one was really willing to indulge more. We were free to. even join sisters during their afternoon prayers with rosaries in hand. I was fascinated as child to wear a cross as locket and have a bible on my study table. When I came back home and told these stories my grandmother would encourage me to share with her more about it. Christmas was as awaited as Diwali, Holi or Id. 


In front of my school was a Majar( holy place for Isam) and when ever my parents came to pick me up we would go there for a holy visit. I know this place as being one of the sacred places for our family. Whenever we wished to offer our special thanks to all mighty  the majar was a sure visit as well. Not only this,  I would go to family friends house to celebrate Iftar parties during the month of Ramdan, Ba-kar-id and have our share of iddi.


Fortunately, I also belong to the city which is birthplace of Guru Govind Singh one the gurus of Sikhism and that was one of my favorite places in the town. Spending our Sunday’s there and doing social duties at Langar was a divine experience for me. Some of my most cherished memories of childhood are related to this gurudwara below in the image. 


Well this is not all, my state is also the birth place of Buddhism, and Bodhgaya where Gautam Buddh received his enlightenment is not far away from my home town. So visiting the shrines and Buddhist monasteries is integral part of me as well. Personally even though I am a Hindu my favorite religion is Buddhism.


After meeting so many people around the world. I see how stuck people are with their religion alone. Even if they wish to having such an experience and indulging in other religious and cultural experience is not a possibility.

Its only India which carries its ancient history till date where religious tolerance is part and parcel of life. Unity in Diversity is what India is all about. And I feel deeply in debt to our cultural heterogeneity which made it possible for all the religions and their teachings to flow through me. To find value,  love and respect for all the different faiths and  be carved out as a Human indeed.

Thats one of the many precious heritage that I have inherited being an Indian.Surely Incredible India