Embrace life as it Comes

Embrace life as it Comes

Life is a reflection of infinite minuscule advents of events around us. It is an aggregate on one one hand what we know, see, observe and are familiar with on the other hand of what is unseen, unknown and unanticipated.

When the convention  comes in stride we gulp it down perfectly. Absolutely no hustle & bustle.  And we are in our full swing. Comes slowly with time as well the unapprehended, the uncertain and unrevealed truth. It comes tearing apart the illusions and manifestations which we build around us in our life. When reality strikes, the imaginary world ends and the truth unfolds. Sometimes these can be the gifts of rejoicing in your lifetime. At other times it can be horrors of our life’s. What matters is what we do with these never ending carnivals of THE UNEXPECTED.

For these UNEXPECTED can be rays of sunshine in our lives while some can be nightmares and make our world fall apart. Some make us realize our core and values while other mirror us our vulnerability. We witness both our strengths and fragility.

Its the vulnerability and the fragility that scares us. The “UNEXPECTED “that we wish never knocked on our doors and introduced itself or showed its merciless face. We tend to resist it, deny it, ignore it, fight it and curse it. We scream to ourselves and ask WHY?…WHY ME??… and the answer to this question is a blank silence until we figure it ourselves “what is in it for us”

The fundamental and unedifying truth is the sooner we embrace it and decide to work along and not against it. The better mechanism we have to cope up. Although I am no expert and I have my own phase of long lows and slow moving on. But each time I realize sooner the better. The time of suffering blocks our mind hurts us and adds no value or benefit. And every attempt should be made to shun this suffering.But the quicker realize it we make our first step the better and less hurting it is.

We often feel helpless, stuck and choiceless. But the truth is that we always have a  choice, we a decision to make.  The nod to either ponder, quit,  get stuck or a Decision to embrace, evolve and move on. We need to ensure we are not cemented and wrecked.

The pivot in life is progress and growth. When life and situation change no longer are the old measures going to work. This is not only true in our personal and professional life but also in a broader organizational context. The ones among us that can not advance decide their fate then and there. They are destined to decay and deter.  Although life will never give up on us, it will still teach us but in a harsh way.

But those who embrace and embark forward they…

bit by bit get sculpted and molded…

Bit by bit they move towards better…

Bit by bit they move towards the definite…


how its meant to be…..



Do share your thoughts on how to approach unwanted times and difficult time.