Born to Live!!

Born to Live!!

I believe in something, dare to do it, I fall, I pick myself up, put the pieces together, I take chances, i refuse to believe that it is all dat bad,won’t let world, events and people ruin me from inside.

I trust my heart and follow my own intuitions, I take unknown paths and create my milestones. I know I might fall again and it may all go wrong. But wat I won’t ever let happen is lose my spirit, my soul, my values and stop being me. After all that’s all I have.

I love my flaws and I learn from my falls. I am weak, tender, fragile and vulnerable but that’s where my strength is. I do not hide my tears, my fears and my heart. I speak my mind & I seek no validation.

I am honest, reverent, strong willed and determined. If u know me u know me well. If you do not u will never know enough!

Born to fight! Born to fall!! Born to Survive!! Born to live !!

Dat is exactly who I am!!