Being Candid around appreciation

Being Candid around appreciation

In present time I often find people suspecting and doubting the appreciation they receive especially on the personal front. May be due to experience of the past or their own inhibitions.  However, I believe that these small appreciations are very important for our inner happiness and self esteem.

Present day life is far more complicated than how our parents lived. their world was far more smaller. The exchange of experience and information in everyday life was also very limited.  Thanks!!  to technology and the digital world we live in. All of us are constantly exposed to  prodigious amount of data. Which we need to comprehend, analyse and derive our own conclusions. With the right to speech and availability of social media platforms everybody has voice, and everybody feels to the need to be heard, respond and react.

In this kind of disruptive environment appreciations in form of likes, comments and share are articulated and measured and the more often we receive it the more we cannot to value it. At times the demand is less than supply. Hence, value of appreciation as decreased a lot.

Slowly, what has  happened is that although we still feel the need to be appreciated, when we receive appreciation but we fail to recognise it these appreciations. We do not acknowledge them  as we  no more genuinely trust them.

However appreciations are really important!

It boosts the confidence and self esteem!!

Provides more intrinsic motivation in life!!