7 Inspiration by the world beyond my Window

7 Inspiration by the world beyond my Window

One of my favorite corners of this studio I live in is by my window. I often sit here for my coffee time and I peep out to the world outside.  And its my corner of writing, thinking, speculation and retrospection.  Its a simple glimpse of a typical Dutch suburb , nothing  spectacular about it but whenever I am in this space something drifts me beyond my cyclic thought patterns it touches me and heals my soul profoundly.

1. Be unapologetic the way you are!!

The first thing which strikes me is the abandoned garden, covered by all kinds of shrubs, climbers, and trees. its flourishing all wild and spontaneous. It seems to know no limitation , no laws to abide to, no norms to follow. Its unapologetic about its wilderness,   beauty  and grace.

2. Keep Fighting your battles: Never Say die !!

In these dark winter times the tress are fading each day, while  resisting and surviving the blustery winter winds and showers. The tall tress bend low almost to the brink of tearing apart, loosing  countless ailing dry  leaves, struggling and fighting . My heart skips a beat while they bounce back celebrating the survival as they refuse to leave high and dry. This sight staggeringly inspires me to lead the day with such  passion, spontaneity and obstinacy. Its a reminder of every struggle is a promise of a better tomorrow and fresh start. It’s never going to stay the way it is today so just keep pulling over. Believe in your self and that’s what matters.

3. Ur not alone 

As I endlessly watch these dancing trees, My sight moves a bit distant and i gaze at  houses at the adjacent lane. Typical dutch houses wall sized front windows, two floors with red slanting roofs  standing  in an array. Look at these houses I think about the life of those near about 50 – 60 people living there and we all starting our the same day in our own sweet style. The morning brings the same light to each of us but we all lead a different life. Among the first cup of coffee and the daily morning chores, the unending haste of going to school, college and work keeps us all busy and occupied. It reminds me of how life is about choosing your own path and making the most of it. Life is about our own uniqueness and individuality.  But also about the  union we share as humans together living and sharing the same space the same life. This small world beyond my window connects my life to  all the people around. We might all have our own battles to fight and our own paths yet we are so unified and complementary in nature. I derive immense strength that my battle is not mine alone, we are all in it together.

3. Dream big and Create your own path

Canopying this view is the never ending sky. The sky has been mesmerizing for all of us as a child. But as we grow up we lose  the  ability or patience to appreciate it. But my little window drifts me along with moving clouds in the sky. These clouds travelling continuously asks me to dream, and dream big. They instill in me very known slogan of Sky is the limit and  in the end it does not matter where you end up. What matters is the journey you made and the difference you could make in the small world around you.

4. Be free and Celebrate life

I see the flocks of  birds  dancing together  in  a rhythm which is so harmonious, this rhythm  reminds me that how beautiful life can be if only  we could dare to be free and celebrate every moment. If only we promise ourselves  to lead a life which is fearless and regret free a life which is joyous, passionate, and courageous.

5.Ur beautiful : Hope, Breathe and Relax

While the Rising sun kisses me a beautiful morning and brings hope, the setting sun asks me to relax and keep breathing and be at peace. After the darkest nights comes the moon spying through the leafless trees which teaches me to be calm, and composed. In the end regardless of  how profound the darkness is beauty, glory and your inner light would fade it all away. a you would shine out.

6. Ur a part of Unending Universe: profound and Limitless

The small corner slowly attaches me to all these fragments and together they wreathe me within  the  unending and limitless universe we live in. It makes me feel profound, unending and limitless. Every time in this moment of solitude I feel the cosmic strength which generates in me electrifying  positive vibes and zeal. I get the courage to write a new chapter in my life and live every moment to the fullest and each moment as whole new life. A beautiful present which needs to be nurtured and cherished.

7.Gear Up

So here I go!!  The coffee time is up !!   And I am rejuvenated!!  The positive vibes flowing in me. In this moment I am focused, charged, and ready to go.  Seems like an accomplished  moment  lived.