12 Months 12 Places to Visit: CHALLENGE 2017 !!

12 Months 12 Places to Visit: CHALLENGE 2017 !!

It’s 2018 and My first day at work. I know I should be focusing more on work. But this Blog is also equally important to me so just stealing in some moments to scribble this quick blog now.

Its all moments of first wishes, First days of the year at work,  Old colleagues but refreshed new spirits, New challenges, and New accomplishment lies ahead of us in this in New year. Life has many new promises for me and many tasks that I need to accomplish and execute.

But before I embark on this new roller coaster drive called 2018. I would like to look back, especially look back on one my CHALLENGE 2017  

I started the year with a CHALLENGE 2017   to visit 12 places in  12 months and fortunately, I was able to accomplish a much longer list of places I could visit.  This journey in 2017 was spectacular not only because it was a lot of traveling and discovering new places. But also because it brought to me a new realization about myself, life and changed my perspective towards life.

So let’s look back at the chronological order of these places.

  1. Cologne,  Germany ( January )
  2. Budapest, Hungary ( February)
  3. Bratislava, Slovakia & Vienna, Austria ( February)
  4. Paris, France ( March)
  5. Dublin, Galway Ireland ( April)
  6. Frankfurt, Germany ( May)
  7. Venice, Milan, Florence, Italy ( June)
  8.  Berlin, Germany ( June)
  9. Jamnagar, Gujarat, India ( July)
  10. Ibiza & Barcelona, Spain ( August)
  11. Munich, Germany ( October)
  12. Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice Poland ( November)
  13. Brussels, Belgium ( December)

A quick Insights of what these journeys brought to me:

  • International Experience
  • Many many New friends
  • Cultural & Historical Exposure
  • Overcoming my own fears

What does this Challenge mean to me:

When I took this challenge it was not a New Year Resolution. It started with a desire to travel solo in Europe which I had not done so far after living around 3 years in Nederlands already. I had no overview or plan of how would I accomplish it down the road. All I knew was that the idea of doing 12 trips in the year was thrilling. It sounded crazy to me myself as well.

When I slowly started unfolding myself on this Journey it unfolded in me

  • A sense of Accomplishment
  • Joy and Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Determination & commitment

Following Blogs, I would bring much deeper insights into my journey, experience, and learning.